International transport of dangerous goods

Saksa Ltd. possesses international license for public freight. The motor fleet includes eleven specialized vehicles for petroleum products.

All the vehicles meet the European emission standard Euro 4.

The tanks with capacity from 36 to 7 thousands litres are equipped by pumps and electronic gauge with temperature compression and printing devices. On transporting dangerous goods our personnel strictly follows the rules of the convention ADR. The trucks re equipped with global system for positioning, as the entrances and the exits of the tanks are controlled by electronic sensors. The system provides full control of the tanks from the warehouse to the point of delivery and gives an additional guarantee for the quantity and the quality of the provided fuels.


Certified vehicles for marked energy products

The transportation of marked fuels for heating and ships on the territory of Bulgaria is done only by trucks and railway tanks which are certified by the customs.

The vehicles must have installed global system for positioning and measuring equipment approved according the Law for measuring and its rules for applying it.

The Saksa Ltd. trucks are certified by the state agency of Meteorology and technical supervision and TMU metropolitan customs.

This gives us the opportunity to provide complex solution to our clients for their energy needs from the warehouse to the client’s tank with guaranteed quality and quantity.