Road bitumen

Saksa Ltd. offers road bitumens with viscosity class and physiochemical attributes that guarantee the high quality of the asphalt mixes.

The orders are executed to the client's warehouse or Saksa's base and include transportation, insurance and any other expenses that could arise.

The working hours for loading of road bitumens is every weekday from 06:00 to 14:00 h.

The selling price is individual for every client and it is formed as the below-mentioned base price is added to the transport expenses when shipping to a client's warehouse and then subtracting the agreed discounts for quantity.

Base price valid from 21.03.2014


Volume Price


Discount Tax base VAT 20% Base price
incl. VAT
Road bitumen 50/70 1000 kg 915.00 0 0 915.00 183.00 1098.00
Polymer modified
bitumen 25-55/55
1000 kg 1296.00 0 0 1296.00 259.20 1555.20
Polymer modified
bitumen 45-80/65
1000 kg 1393.00 0 0 1393.00



Note: The base price is updated daily!